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  1. lordchickengod

    Connect Farm's cctv and access point to office

    Thank you very much for answering I will look into vms, What is it by the way and how much for it? I mean new system will change to IP (instead of analog), My English is not good. Equipment will be bought after finish planning/design. I am located in Thailand, Farm1 is an insect farm, Farm2 is fish (Climbing Perch).
  2. lordchickengod

    Connect Farm's cctv and access point to office

    Thank you for answer. The reason for NVR must be in the office because the thief will have a hard time stealing HDD (in NVR). The office has 1 people reside in it, always, while the Farm has no people especially at night. And that 1 people can not be asked to patrol the farm. The farm building is pretty open, easy to get in and out compared to the office building. So If I use 2 x POE NVR in 2 of farm buildings, The thief can steal it (HDD included). Then I will have no proof to the police officer. Analog system has been used in 1st farm building and already got stolen. So my new system I change it to IP system to minimize cable cost and be able to record it in NVR that is in a safer place. Please advice.
  3. My small farm buildings need some security to mitigate thieves. Since I have to wire LAN cable to farm, so I think it's a good idea to enabling the ability to use the internet at farm building via access point. So please kindly answer, Can I connect the equipment according to the diagram below?