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  1. amrogers3

    Help with a system

    lol, that was my exact thought as well. It all just seems like they are wanting you to sign up for a subscription service and it looks like rebranded equipment with their name on it. No one really lists what they use and a lot of the websites I found for area seemed a little sketchy with minimal info and details. I would def trust Japanese equipment much more than anything manufactured in China.
  2. amrogers3

    Help with a system

    That is crazy. I thought MOBOTIX was 100% German and IDIS was South Korean. Are you sure about Mobotix? It says they are manufactured in Germany. What's the best way to find a professional installer?
  3. amrogers3

    Help with a system

    Hi Tom and thanks again for the reply. I would like to avoid Chinese cameras. Is there any other U.S. or European cameras you could recommend? I would prefer to get professional installation on these.
  4. amrogers3

    Help with a system

    Thanks Tom! I thought Mobotix had a NVR system? There are so many vendors and options, it is a very confusing space. I may have not explained very well, my apologies. By 24/7, I mean I would like the video feeding to a TV that can be viewed all the time. we don't have great lighting. Two regular decorative lights on each side of garage. Maybe 13w bulbs? It is not very bright. At night, both the left and right side of the house is very dark, there is no lighting. cameras have to withstand significant amount of direct sunlight and humidity. I am in Houston. I would prefer to go step above cameras you can buy in the general retail outlets like Costco
  5. amrogers3

    Help with a system

    Had some delinquents break into our car. Sucks but not a big deal. More importantly, my wife usually leaves around 4-5 in the morning which is when this happened. She could have encountered these guys and who knows what would have happened. I would like to put in a wired camera system that has 360 coverage that we can put on a dedicated TV screen which runs 24/7 that my wife can check before she leaves in the morning to make sure it is safe. Needs to have lowlight/night coverage. I called a shop near our home and he carries MOBOTIX and IDIS. I see MOBOTIX is one of the brands listed on your Ultimate IP Camera Guide. Not sure what questions I need to ask or what I should research. This is a diagram of our house if that matters. Would like to get coverage of all 4 zones but 1 and 2 are most important.