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  1. Hi, i live in a large residential highrise and the building management are going to be installing a cctv camera on my floor to try and eliminate visitors to the floor who are not meant to be there (they come as there is a great viewing area, but also can have mini parties/smoke drugs etc). The cctv company provide either Hikvision or Dahua cameras. My issue is that i dont want the front desk concierge team seeing me appear on their camera everytime i step foot outside the door to my apartment. Instead want my corridor that leads into the foyer that needs monitoring, to be blocked out. Ordinarily you would just say at this point, angle the camera appropriately to do that. But, my neighbour (behind door B) does want the corridor filmed in case of situation where a delivery to door goes missing etc. So the question is; do either brands have a system where you can be filming all areas (via 180 deg cam), but, have part of the area blacked out so front desk cannot see that bit, but, be still recording what is happening behind that "curtain" in case there is an issue and building management need to go back and view the footage? or is there some alternate way to be able to record the hallway, but that part not be visible to building staff? I have attached a floor plan to help make it easier to follow. I am located behind the door A, and want to get to the lifts without being watched by building staff. Door C is door to stair well. Thanks in advance!
  2. Correct, we will be seen as we enter / exit, but that's fine. I just didn't want to have the front desk going "oh, he has just left his front door, he'll be with us in a minute or so, i can annoy him with random questions as i usually do". If i had the privacy masking im not being 'watched' the moment i step foot outside my front door, and would only be visible to them as i literally walk past the front desk on way in/out of the building. So basically it seems like I can't have my cake and eat it here with this scenario by the looks. Im either having everything recorded and in view, or if i mask an area, it stays masked and tripwires wont make any difference?
  3. So I am assuming maybe the best solution is if there was the ability within any cameras to have a trip wire system where the privacy masking could be on, but is removed if someone breaks the beam moving from the lifts to door A & B (ie as they enter the hallway, going right to left), and the masking though be initially covering the area immediately infront of the lifts so I would be able to walk from my door around to the lifts (left to right direction) and the mask remain on. But to be clear here, it would mean people could walk out of the lift say 2mtres, and not be visible, as the mask was still on, and then come into view if they moved into the viewing area, or if they turned left as they came out of the lifts and walked down the hallway tripping the sensor..