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  1. bernardand

    looking for a wifi cctv camera

    Since you don't need to install the whole security system and you need a camera to watch for your dog then you can look up on eBay for some cheap options.
  2. bernardand

    Thinking about cctv

    Hi, Gary. You should give a little bit more information about your house, your budget if you want to get more detailed information.
  3. bernardand

    4G Solar Powered Camera?

    Solar powered camera is definitely a very convenient thing that I now want to find and buy. I already have many different devices that work directly with the help of solar energy, as I found excellent panels and an inverter on https://www.renogy.com/inverters/. I advise you to read more information about this.
  4. bernardand

    Why I Love my Job.

    Well, I would work for free too 'cause I love my job but I wouldn't mind having a universal basic income ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. bernardand

    New member introduces

    Hi there! Nice to see you here c:
  6. bernardand

    Help with a system

    It seems to me that this is not the most reasonable solution if we take into account the price and quality. The quality of the system is certainly good, but the functionality is extremely reduced. You can take a look at a similar ajax, which has more functionality at a lower cost for a kit with smoke detectors, motion sensors and cameras. At the same time, you also get an application with which you can get all the information from the cameras in the house and can receive push notifications when sensors and alarms are triggered. I mean, you should think about other options.
  7. Do you have Hikvision Tech support mail ID? I googled it but not sure about correct Tech support mail address.
  8. bernardand

    Help with a system

    I would like to avoid Chinese cameras. Is there any other U.S. or European cameras you could recommend?
  9. Sadly, the box says "invalid password". Yes I did have the box turned off for 30 mins before starting it up.