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  1. Quoting from the OEM directory: https://ipvm.com/reports/hikvision-prc
  2. ThinkPadUser2021

    Axis 3224 LV camera

    The P3224-LV is IP52 rated, which means that it's dust-protected and tested with dripping water with the camera titled 15° from its normal position. If the camera is under an overhang, it should be fine. People have bodged Axis indoor cameras to work outdoors before, like the AXIS 207mw being fitted into outdoor light housings as seen here: https://www.meteomontserrat.com/instrumentos/instrumentos.htm and here: http://www.jacomet.ch/themen/dyndnsnat.htm Do this at your own risk and I'm not responsible if your camera breaks months later because you tried to bend the rules
  3. IPVM does keep a directory of Dahua OEMs and Lorex is on there: https://ipvm.com/reports/dahua-oem Also, the original article is on Hikvision, not Dahua.
  4. I was wondering what your opinion on this is. Link to the report: https://ipvm.com/reports/hikvision-prc