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    Hi from Vancouver Island, Canada. First time posting. I have a mobile 30ft telescoping mast, enclosed in an aluminum canopy, designed for an 8ft pick-up truck bed. It’s got two 12v battery powered winches, which cable the mast from horizontal to vertical, and then elevates the attached camera gear to about 30ft. The equipment needs updating, as it was set up for analog. Mounted on a Bosch pan and tilt unit, and in a weatherproof housing, is a Pelco DSP color CCD camera, model CC3610H-6, with a Pelco 13ZD6X10 lens. These are hardwired to a Ganz ZR-DH111NP-160 digital recorder. I have a monitor, and can operate the pan tilt unit from a cabinet in the canopy. I’m a great photographer/Videographer, but a technological Neanderthal lol. With drones being so tightly restricted, my unit can still get elevated shots at festivals, weddings, city streets, search and rescue and accident events etc. I want to be able to livestream events, or shoot video etc, and zoom in for wildlife photographs. anybody want to weigh in here? What kind of gear should I be researching? I am humbly grateful for any replies, and will take the rotten tomatoes if I’ve broken any rules on my first jump into this pond. Cheers!