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  1. Yes I’m using bnc plugs. Yes. We have over around 80 cameras in 3 floors and in each floor we have 2 jumble boxes like this one (https://www.surveillance-video.com/accessory-rj860ap.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5N3Gk_GE8QIVyhitBh3EEwpyEAQYBCABEgIYafD_BwE) but bigger for the Ptzs. For the stills we use a different one that connects the red and black cable and has a fuse. when I was testing the ptz I used a jumble box that we have in our camera room but no other camera uses this jumble box for power.
  2. I have problem where my system is showing this camera(#12) in 3 different port like on the picture below. The camera from bottom right(M7016) supposed to be on the port #13, but when I connect it in the port #13 or #15 it creates some noise in the 3 ports, as shown in the other picture. I use the port #15 to test other cameras in the system (PTZs or stills) and I started having this problem after I tested a ptz on port #15. Both cameras are connected to a exacqVision Z-Series (https://www.exacq.com/products/z/) and still in the process to find their supply box somewhere in ceiling of my store to disconnect them and connect them again, but I dont think their power supply is the problem since it was working fine before. I believe the problem is with the ports since any camera that I connect to port #12 have the same problem. Any idea how to fix it ?
  3. Daniel_357

    Lorex cctv camera interface

    I'm new in this forum, but I know a couple of things. If You only have the cameras connected to the tv by an AV or BNC cable they would only show the video. You need to connect them to a DVR for them to record and then from the DVR to the TV to show the live video or the recording. If you want something cheap I recommend this mini DVR that I have used for hidden cameras in a stockrooms at my store. https://www.amazon.com/Eversecu-Recorder-Hybrid-Support-Cameras/dp/B07B4V9S63/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=mini+dvr&qid=1622915683&sr=8-5