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  1. @tomcctv Thank you for the fix, managed to get it working remotely! Really appreciate your time!
  2. Hi Tom, Thanks for the quick response, will try this today! 😁
  3. Hi, New member here, hoping to find some help. I have a new Technomate TM-404-M2 CCTV Base Unit and Cameras installed at home. Base Unit is connected to LAN cable and I can access the footage and live view using the Superlive Plus app whilst I’m connected on my mobile phone using WiFi. However, when I disconnect from the WiFi and attempt to access the live footage from my mobile phone I get the error of cameras are not connected to the internet. I have been through almost every menu option and page on the base unit to figure out how to access remote viewing whilst not connected to the WiFi but using my mobile phone on the data network, however I cannot find anywhere how to enable this or access it remotely through cellular data. Could someone please point me in the direction of where I am going wrong and how I enable this option? TIA Dannii