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  1. We are working with a Genetec controlled systems using Mercury boards. (LP1502 and MR52) with 24v power supply controlled by an ACM8 board powering fail safe electronic locks. My question is what would be the correct method of installation. Wiring the output relays from the LP1502 to the ACM8 as normally open as well as terminating the electronic locks on the ACM8 board as normally open. Or, the output relays as normally closed and the electronic locks as normally closed, constantly triggering the relay on the ACM8 board until someone badges in to kill power. I am somewhat new to access control and although both methods work what is the proper installation. I was corrected from using the former method to the latter. Which caused confusion in my understanding. if someone could provide any knowledge on this it would be greatly appreciated. I am young tech trying to learn the proper installation methods without guidance of someone with experience in this area. Thank you.