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  1. I have several HikVision cameras and was able to connect them via ONVIF to my DW Spectrum iVMS; I set them to use multicast and was able to see (after sniffing traffic on my managed switch) that the packets were being sent to the correct multicast addresses and the NDVR was recording those streams. I was also able to see that the multicast traffic was hitting every port on the VLAN of the switch, as expected... However, after connecting a PC up directly to a switch port configured for the same VLAN, I was not able to join any of the multicast streams using VLC. I tried entering the default UDP ports (8860 I believe), but noticed in the captured traffic the UDP ports were actually much different (30,000-60,000 range, seemingly random for each camera's stream). I was not able to use VLC to join those feeds either; I tried udp://@<mcast IP>:<port #>, I tried rtp://, the only feed that would work are the rtsp://<Camera IP> unicast feeds. Is there a way I could join the multicast streams directly using VLC or another tool? There may (at some point) be other devices that will stream live feeds from my cameras, and I was hoping to not expend cycles on my cameras having to output/encode more than once.