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  1. Hi folks, I've spent a couple of days reading hundreds of web pages and forum posts and can't quite work this one out - could anyone help please? I'm currently planning the networking of my system (PoE cams connected to NVR), and I am considering the following setup: part a). Wifi Router with VPN>wired to Managed Switch(for VLAN)>NVR>Cams with part b). same Wifi Router>to same Managed Switch if poss>and laptops, phones, tv, printer via wifi? Questions are: 1. Can the laptops etc sit within their own VLAN if not physically wired to the switch? 2. If they can't connect to VLAN via router wifi, could they compromise or be compromised by the stream to the internet from the NVR (and its camera viewing app)? 3. Have I got this alll terribly wrong?! (and do I even need both the VPN and VLAN?) Thanks in advance.