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  1. Hi Guys. I own a duplex, I live in the lower half and I rent out the upper half. My building has aluminum siding which has always blocked my wifi signal from going outside and I have been using a Netgear wifi extender pointing from my kitchen window to my detached garage to get a somewhat signal. After being robbed for the 2nd time last March I decided to purchase a Linksys AC 1300 Router to connect to my Spectrum Wifi provided Router/Modem. Then I bought an additional 3 Velop/Mesh/Nodes. I can now stream Netflix a half a block away but I am still having a very hard time with my security cameras getting full/if any wifi signal. I even have 2 external SMA connecting antenna extenders. I am willing to purchase more if need be, I just need advice of what to do with my system, please.... I want enough security cameras to where someone could barely blink at my building without being recorded. I would like cameras all around my building and detached garage. Any feedback before I start dumping more money into my wifi system, please??? I figured if I have wifi a half a block away now then I am doing something wrong to get my IP Cameras from recording or connecting.