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  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new to cameras/cctv. we at present have a Analogue PTZ made up as follows Camera Bosch LTC 0620/51 1/2" CCD Lens Computar 300mm (10-300mm focal length) possibly 30x zoom all in a housing sat on a Siemens PT unit. I'm looking to change this out with an off the shelf IP PTZ dome and I've been told that I only need a 20x zoom as the 1/2" ccd in my camera is equivalent to 1mp where as the IP domes are 4mp. I could do with clarity on this if possible and maybe suggested replacements for my camera. the setup is quite hardy as it is exposed to sea environment so would need something fairly robust. also on a slightly different topic mine is controlled by pelco P and the video and controls are sent to 2 separate locations, sounds odd I know but one location is the house and the other is our office on the yard. so I'd need suggestions on being able to control and display the dome in the same way as simply as possible, I understand basic networking and install a switch and Ethernet cables to the relevant locations, its just finding a reasonably priced device that will allow me to control the dome and display it on a screen without needing a full blown computer at each location or a degree in computing as the person using the system doesn't want to spend an age learning something new I know most will suggest staying with the Analogue system for simplicity and I'd agree but I have my reasons and its nice to try something new thanks