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  1. Unfortunately the software was the browser plugin that does not work for the new safari. For me the solution was to connect a monitor to the nvr directly and set it up this way. Now I can connect with my mac directly via ip because i’m on the same network. For off site solutions i do not know, probably port forwarding but i’m not that technical.
  2. Thanks for your help! Setting up the NVR via a connected monitor put me in the right direction. One of the main issues that i did not enter the preferred DNS server ( and therefore in 'platform access' the NVR appeared offline. Now I can playback files directly from the NVR which is fine for me at the moment. Also using Hik-connect to playback recorded files which works as well. However, not using iVMS4200, still says no record files found. I guess this software is buggy for Mac
  3. OK, connected a monitor to the NVR and did the setup. NVR is showing the camera correctly. The weird thing is it seems to record (can see the files via iVMS4200 on the NVR HDD), but iVMS4200 does not recognize any file in remote playback. In the NVR itself (via ip address) the playback bar below even shows when it has recorded so that's all good. When trying to play it gives an error 'no record files found'. I'm lost.
  4. Don’t know. I got the nvr connected to my network and am using a mac mini in the same network to control everything.
  5. Hi! New to this forum and would appreciate some help with my Hikvision system which I'm installing. I can't get it to work to record and playback recorded files. System set-up is as follows: - Camera is connected to external switch with poE ports (connected to router) - 4 port NVR (DS-7604NI-K1(B)) hooked up to the same network via another switch - 1 camera (DS-2cd2347G2) Everything is running on the latest firmware. I'm using iVMS-4200, mac version. After days of trying to get it to work i've come to a halt. Record files seem to store on the NVR because I can see them in iVMS4200 via Remote Config (NVR)/Storage/File. When I do a date/time search there the screen is populated with files which are on the NVR. File size is a few Mb because at the time I only record triggered by motion. I'm now recording continuous and that file actually grows in size so that seems to work. When i try to download one of the files it says failed. A date/time search in remote playback in iVMS4200 does not show any files at all (selecting both NVR and Camera). Anyone with an idea how to solve?