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  1. Hi Craig64 As i know she SADP tool only search for active online devices and initialize password, IP for the new camera. Thanks, RF
  2. Hi rbdining Do u have check the configuration of this ? Maybe can solve. Smart PSS > Device Configuration > Camera > Select the camera will setup the audio > For the main stream and sub stream, check list the "audio setup" and choose "AAC" in the audio encoding. Don't forget to active the sound icon of the live view display on right top corner. Thanks, RF
  3. fathur_18

    New system Design

    Hi Mika, I thinks it's not recommendation with 500€ with your need. Since as i know, the IP camera with support POE is quite expensive and u need 8 pcs. Then u should the concern for the price of the POE injector. Its better use the DVR with analog cameras. Thanks, Fathur.
  4. fathur_18

    Construction sites monitoring

    Hi Bolshoi, I thinks it's recomended to use NVR but maybe need more cost. But if we see from the effectiveness, the IP system is more powerfull and simplivity. Using NVR, IP camera, POE switch, and for the backup it's need the small UPS around 800 VA. For the cloud, you can integration the NVR device such as dahua and hikvision with cloud platform (Drive, Dopbox, etc). Hope can solve your question. Thanks, Fathur.