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  1. Hi there. I have an OYN-X falcon NVR FALC-NVR-8BB and had it stored for a while and forgotten the password to get into the settings and set it up again. Can anyone assist. It is displaying the date as at this time of 09/09/2021 Can anyone provide a master password for this date?
  2. It takes me to a wizard page and then I have a choice to log in. The user box is prefilled with Admin and cannot be changed. I have tried all default password options with no joy. If i do the forgotten/reset password option it asks me for either a security question (for which it appears none have been set) or there is a tab for dynamic password which provide the Mac Address, Device Model 3798M and the date and time 2021-09-10 10:49:12:560
  3. Thanks for trying to assist. I have tried all of the above suggestions and failed to be able to reset it. When I try the last option to get the QR code there is no code on the screen, just a box which says to keep screen open until i get a code. I called QVIS and they wont give me the code as I am not an installer. If there are any QVIS installers reading this that are willing to assist me, plesase post on here, or if prefer send me a private message,