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  1. SAMcctvguy

    LPR cameras automation idea

    Yeah you are right, but how we can make this loop as an automated notification?
  2. SAMcctvguy

    LPR cameras automation idea

    Dude, problem is not the dedicated car parks, problem is about how to manage the notifications to specific groups.
  3. SAMcctvguy

    LPR cameras automation idea

    Hi, Here I have an idea and need some help, I want to make an automated system with Dahua ANPR cameras to have some notifications separately on multi devices. I mean if car 1 comes in and it is white list then user a which is the manager of car A's driver get a notification on his laptop, and if car C comes in user N get the notification and not other users. I have draw a picture for more information. It would be apricated to participate if you have any solution for this scenario.