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  1. ethan1987

    Will HD cameras work with D1 DVR

    I didn't say I used ahd. I specifically said the camera supports cvbs and my question was if that technology were the same as my old dvr, which it is as I also said, and if that was all I needed for the camera to work with that dvr. I just mentioned the camera also supported ahd ... you are even quoting me, so don't give me that speech. If you can't understand my question it's your problem not mine. And I will buy a new dvr in the future but that's out of this question, your opinion on that matter wasn't relevant. I just need to solve the camera problem right now. These cameras I can connect to the new dvr, so NO problem at all buying them now.
  2. ethan1987

    Will HD cameras work with D1 DVR

    so it turns out my dvr can receive signal from that camera using cvbs as i said. I borrowed one to test it.
  3. ethan1987

    Will HD cameras work with D1 DVR

    The 720p camera i found is compatible with cvbs technology (as long as ahd and other hd), wich I assume is the one my dvr works with. So, when you say that it will not work, you mean no signal at all, or half of the camera image, or reduced quality?
  4. ethan1987

    Will HD cameras work with D1 DVR

    what do you mean going backwards, i had this dvr for quite sometime and a couple of cameras got screwed because of thunderstorms and bad electrical service. If i could connect a new 720p camera (which is the cheapest i can find) and get a less-quality-recording then it's fine by me
  5. Hi. specifically, I have a qsee qs458 DVR that has analog composite (cvbs) bnc imput for d1 resolution cameras. I want to buy some 720p resol hickvision cameras that support cvbs. Will i see the complete picture at lowered resolution or nothing at all?? THX!