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  1. I recently purchased and installed a Lorex DVR CCTV system on my home. I have one older camera I was hoping to utilize because it's a nice varifocal camera that looks down my long driveway towards the street. Connecting this camera to the DVR is not producing an image. All the other cameras are working correctly, and placing one of the Lorex cameras in this location does work. So I know it's not a wiring issue, DVR issue, or camera issue (I have confirmed the old camera is operational). So it must be some compatibility issue with the camera and the DVR. The DVR is a Lorex D861B with BNC connectors. I worked on cameras professionally between 2000 and 2008 but have been out of the business since then. So I know my way around installation and troubleshooting - but I'm sure things have changed since then. I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on getting my older camera to work with the new system, if that is even a possibility.
  2. Thank you for the information! I guess things have changed in last 15 years. Just wondering, is there such a thing as a CVBS to TVI converter, so I can connect my old camera to the new system? A quick search I can find a TVI to CVBS converter but not the other way around. I only ask because it looks like I can get a new TVI camera with the varifical lens I need, but it's a little pricey.