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    CCTV for home

    I think the one which you are looking for is the Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing. This setup is pretty cool since: Hassle-Free Setup: Installing and setting up a P2P camera is simple since it addresses all of the concerns that have plagued CCTV cameras in the past. All you have to do now is set up the camera, download the phone app, and connect the two devices. Accessible Remote Viewing: If you're wondering, "Can I view my camera footage while on vacation?" or "Can I access the camera footage when outside my home wireless network?" the answer is yes! From anywhere in the globe, you may view HD quality live and recorded footage of your property. Simultaneous connection: While on a work trip, you may not always have time to watch the film from the previous day. P2P technology lets you and your family members to simultaneously view HD footage from your security camera. You may even play it on many devices at the same time, such as your phone or computer. My personal favs: Reolink Argus2 Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera Wyse Cam V3 Good luck!
  2. doublenerd

    What WiFi dashcam to buy today?

    1. If your vehicle was engaged in a car accident, you can demonstrate that it was not your responsibility and submit the footage as proof if a court trial is held. 2. It can be used to report intoxicated or dangerous drivers who text while driving, as well as road rage collisions and other incidents. 3. It's ideal if you frequently loan your car to friends or relatives, or if you want to watch what happens when you take your car to the repair. It's natural to be concerned about your car's safety and integrity because it's one of your most important assets. Most new dash cameras have GPS devices built-in, so in addition to recording everything that happens inside and outside the car, the dashcam will also record the driving speed and different street routes. 4. For example, most of these cameras include auditory notifications as well as spoken status updates, ensuring that you are always aware of the recording process and being warned in real-time if there is a problem with the camera or storage card. 5. A properly mounted dash camera can effectively film vandals attempting to break into your vehicle, particularly if you frequently leave your vehicle unattended in public places or in dimly lit regions. One of the most appealing features of dashboard cameras is that they can be programmed to stay on all night without requiring you to turn on your automobile motor. Here are my top 5 lists: Dash Cam 2K WiFi 1440P Car Dash Camera by Galphi Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder 2021 Upgrade 4K 2160P Front and Cabin 1080P+1080P Dual FHD Dash Cam Built by PRUVEEO REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam with 1920x1080P FHD
  3. Below are the best Automatic number-plate recognition cameras but I doubt if they can fulfil your need of capturing at 80kmph. You can do your research though. Hikvision ANPR camera Bosch ANPR Dahua ANPR Camera Axis Communications ANPR Honeywell fusion ANPR camera
  4. doublenerd

    Modern camera advice

    Here are my recommendations for best 4k security camera systems: ANNKE H800 4K PoE Security Camera System: ANNKE has established a reputation as a top-rated maker of some of the greatest security camera systems on the market in recent years. One of their most popular options for individuals wishing to boost the security of their home or business without a lot of guesswork is the H800 4K PoE Security Camera System. Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System: Reolink is a well-known security camera system manufacturer. They have several good cameras, including the Eco, Go, and Argus 2. Their 4K PoE Security Camera System comes with a single control station and a set of four cameras. Hornbill 4K PoE Security Camera System: The Hornbill 4K PoE Security Camera System, like the previous two camera sets, is a four-camera system. It can also be increased to 8 cameras with the acquisition of additional cameras. The control station is well-built and has a lot of connections. If you want to be more hands-on, you can connect a monitor and a mouse. Most individuals, however, use Hornbill's app to control the system. You can choose any one of them but simply put, I feel the ANNKE H800 4K PoE Camera System provides the highest overall performance. When it comes to video and audio quality, the cameras are exceptionally tough, sturdy, and high-end. With four cameras and the ability to expand to eight, you'll have a turn-key system that's simple to set up and use. Good luck.
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    Hello, I am rishav. I love to hunt for new gadgets, especially for home security. Looking to learn more here.