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    Ranch Setup in Northern Michigan

    sorry for the delay. you can use multipoint bridges. you have one at each location connecting all locations together. The NVR will be connected to the same network as the bridges. Just picture the bridges as network cables connecting the locations together. may need switch at each location depending on what is at each location that needs network access. you can email me at gus@powersystems.pro if you have questions.
  2. building spot monitor maxhines to run at a location to view 36 8MP cameras. Just looking for ideas. Thank You
  3. GusReisner

    Ranch Setup in Northern Michigan

    Make sure the PTZ is mounted high and that its home position is not zoomed very much. the cheaper the PTZ the more the wind will shake it.
  4. GusReisner

    Ranch Setup in Northern Michigan

    I do a lot of these. You can bridge the locations together. You can put the NVR at the House. The main key is having the electricity where you need it or you can do solar.