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  1. bisonwrangler

    Ranch Setup in Northern Michigan

    Hello, Total newbie to security cameras and system design, any help would be appreciated. Even pointing toward a company that could help with a solution. Attached is a file showing distances for cameras/home base. Plug and play solutions are ideal due to my limited technical experience but I haven't come across this type in my searching on the internet (may be looking for the wrong thing). Goal – to have a security camera system to monitor livestock at a remote location. Security Camera Requirements -Two to four cameras providing live feed accessible on the internet and from mobile devices, could be stills that could be refreshed by user if that cheapens data package. No cameras need to be ultra-definition, 1080p will be sufficient; less could probably be accepted. -camera one to be PTZ pole mounted on existing tall pole with electrical power, would like this camera to be the clearest and potentially have optical zoom -camera two has access to power, it would also be nice to be a PTZ and a pole can be installed. -camera three is optional. There is no power where it would be mounted, solar would be the option. System should be able to handle addition of this camera in the future. -Outdoor mounting for all cameras. Also, our climate is cold and snowy in the winter with -10 to -30 degrees F possible. -There is a shed at corral area with power and can be used as a base station area. There is no heat, but a climate-controlled box could be installed. Transmission options Option One House that is located 600’ away has internet and wifi (it is fairly slow). There is a shed with power where equipment can be mounted at the corral. -Could cameras connect to a base unit at the shed and use a wifi repeater or bridge to send information back to the house? Option Two Use 4G connectivity at the shed to upload live footage to the cloud. Equipment at the shed can be powered and heated if needed. Security cameras.pdf