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  1. Morning all, Great forum you have here, I have searched historic posts and have tried the suggested actions but I'm not getting anywhere (I'm not the best with these cameras). I have had an 8 Hikvision camera setup for a few years, which has worked perfectly. The DVR connects to the IVMS 4200 desktop app and I use the IVMS 4500 iphone app. The only time there is ever a problem is if my external IP changes but I just go to the app, change it there and off we go. A couple of days ago we changed to Vodafone Full Fibre Broadband and this is where the problem now lies. I can view the cameras on the desktop app but on the iphone app for each individual camera I am presented with the error [connection failed], I have the app pointed at the right port / the IP address is correct, along with the correct username and password. I don't see the option to change anything else. In the desktop app under device management everything is ok, it shows that it is sending data externally, I just can't access it for some reason. If anyone can help that would be great! Thanks and Happy New Year to all!
  2. Thanks, I always used an external IP address in the past though.
  3. Morning, There are two: - 1. - The external IP address - That doesn't work inside or outside of the house - Gives the error message "Connection Failed) 2. - Internal IP address (192.168.1.XXX) - Works inside but goes off as soon as I leave (obviously). Thanks.
  4. I have tried forwarding the ports but still nothing, banging my head against the wall!
  5. Yes, that is the part that is not working. As soon as I go on mobile data I get the connection failed error message.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I didn't think of adding it as an entirely new device. I scanned the QR code and it mapped itself with the internal IP and that works fine while on the WIFI. As soon as I switch to mobile data I get the connection failed error message. The fibre comes into the house and is then mounted onto the wall via one of these: - https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2020/04/cityfibres-1gbps-ftth-broadband-goes-live-in-northampton-uk.html That then plugs into a Vodafone router. The router is then connected via CAT 6 to my home network.