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  1. orangedognetworks

    Network operator seeking CCTV advice

    Thanks @tomcctv I didn't realise that NVRs were a category of their own, and indeed there are many models out there with Wi-Fi connect for cameras. Now that you've put me on the right track, I'll do a bunch more Googling and raise any further questions in the IP Cameras/NVR sub-group.
  2. orangedognetworks

    Network operator seeking CCTV advice

    Cameras would be in a run of linked, open barns with mains power available. Should easily be able to get WiFi coverage from one access point. It’s the live view split-screen aspect that’s harder to solve. Been playing with Netvue cameras as they’re cheap enough, but they don’t offer all the features I’m looking for. Should I move this discussion to one of the sub forums?
  3. orangedognetworks

    Network operator seeking CCTV advice

    New to the forum, I run a small non-profit community wireless network in rural Gloucestershire, UK. I sometimes get asked for CCTV advice even though I have very little experience in this area. I thought it would be possible to find something off the shelf, but I can't locate anything that meets all these needs for a current enquiry: - Supports 4 cameras, tilt/pan/zoom would be nice but fixed is OK, must be Wi-Fi connect but mains power is available at each camera location. - Access via smartphone to view live feeds, selecting each camera separately is OK. - PC app that can display ALL FOUR camera views simultaneously, implemented on a second monitor so that it's viewable all the time in the office. - Customer is a farmer wanting to check on livestock inside his barns, so on a bit of a budget. Seems like WiFi/smartphone connect is available everywhere, but the PC spilt screen thing is a relic of the the DVR era that's only available on wired systems. I may be looking at this completely incorrectly though! Any advice on the best forum to look for advice on this? Thanks!