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  1. amos54

    DIY design and install

    Sad, 82 views and no replies.
  2. amos54

    DIY design and install

    After much searching and reading I decided on a NVR PoE system. Many brands have many complaints about support. Currently looking at Hikvision EKI-Q82T26 and Night Owl Design is for all outdoor cameras. Pic attached. Cat 6 from house to barn to carry data of 3 cameras 300' from router to wireless access point Not sure which cameras to use. Would like to add 1 PTZ to barn. Should I use Cat 6 for cameras? Camera runs are less than 70' or less. All input appreciated.
  3. Do you have suggestions for quality equipment and sources for DYI's?
  4. amos54

    zosi systems are they any good

    Zosi has Impressive specs. I suggest you read all the complaints on Zosi. It turned me off.