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  1. Mark_M

    Viewing .dav files on Mac - Dahua

    Smart PSS can export as an MP4 and other formats.
  2. Mark_M

    Best 4k NVR

    I can suggest all required devices from a brand I know... But the total is around $17,000 for 30 * 8MP cameras with face recognition, 2 * LPR and a low end $2,600 32ch NVR that supports face recognition/LPR. Realistically, $20,000 total for cabling, junction boxes, HDDs, switches. Tips for you to get closer to the budget: Don't chase facial recognition. LPC (licence plate capture) instead of LPR (licence plate recognition). LPC just means the camera captures a clear image of the plate. The camera/NVR is not automatically reading the text, it is a manual process to read the text. A decent 32ch NVR costs $1,500. $2,600 for one with capability to work with LPR/facial recognition. A 16ch NVR with LPR/face recognition is $1,200. That's a lot closer to your budget thankfully.
  3. Mark_M

    Best 4k NVR

    A 16ch NVR that does Face recognition and LPR support is about $1,200. The LPR cameras are about $600. And why do you require 4K? 8MP worth of video is a huge amount of data. 103TB for 30 days worth of footage... that is a VMS solution worthy of server equipment and double that for raid configuration redundancy. https://ipcamtalk.com/tools/calculators/hdd/ Not to mention that 4K is a waste unless it's a $400+ camera with decent imaging sensor. Cheap 4K cameras just produce a blurry mess at night capturing moving objects. Seriously reconsider what you want this system to accomplish. 4K is hyped beyond realistic outcomes, you don't need 4K to capture usable footage.
  4. Mark_M

    CCTV on Solar

    Does the system need to work at night? A batteries voltage drops as power is drawn from it. Once the battery goes below 12, the 12v regulator will stop working and your cameras will turn off.
  5. Mark_M

    CCTV on Solar

    Most charge controllers do not output exactly 12v, as you have said. This is where you would use a 24v solar system and a voltage regulator device set to output 12v. Using a 12v regulator device on a 12v solar system can be done, but it will turn off if the input voltage drops below a threshold, e.g. 12.5v (refer to the specifications). The input on these regulators always has to be higher than the output voltage.
  6. Mark_M

    Detection systems

    Different brands have their own names for smart detection algorithms. SMD and Wizsense (a Dahua brand term) have some differences. SMD is a step up from standard motion detection, to 'Smart Motion Detection'. Wizsence is for analytics like Trip wire, intrusion, etc. For most people, SMD is enough. It just detects if there is a person/vehicle moving within the video. Wizsence is detecting a person/vehicle moving past a certain boundary or entering/exiting an area. The main term for this is 'IVS rules'. Hikvision has their version of Wizsence called 'Acusense'.
  7. Mark_M

    security cam

    Sadly it is not like the movies. Data cannot be made up to 'enhance' the resolution. I suggest for a car park that you get a camera with the correct focal length aimed at the entrance.
  8. Mark_M

    Turning off Poe cameras

    Yes, that can work.
  9. Mark_M

    Looking for a camera with these features

    Good quality night vision is $200 and above from my experience. That's above what most consumers are willing to pay. Then factor the cost of an NVR and cabling. Around $1200 for 4 cameras and a low end NVR. I use Dahua Starlight. There's also Hikvision DarkFighter, Uniview LightHunter and Axis Lightfinder. Reolink/Swann/Concord/NightOwl/SecureView have a reputation for poor quality at night vision due to longer exposure time needed to compensate for a low quality camera sensor, and a longer exposure means objects moving turn to a blur.
  10. Mark_M

    new to IP systems

    So a mini POE switch? Like this mid-span one? https://www.amazon.com/Loryta-Extender-Repeater-Ethernet-Splitter/dp/B07RQ569MF There's also others labelled as 'POE extenders' with two (or even 4) ports. This is a Chinese one from AliExpress. Does the exact same as the Amazon linked one above. A POE powered and 2-port POE passthrough switch is plenty for most scenarios like this.
  11. Mark_M

    we need HELP

    Logo's are usually compiled into the full software. I do not know any company that would just give you the uncompiled software.
  12. Mark_M

    Non-cloud-based LAN-accessible cameras?

    AN NVR's main job is to pull video from an IP camera to save it. Usually there's extra management features too for the same brand. But IP cameras can work independently. Almost any brand of camera will be able to be used with another system. For a DIY scenario, a camera which outputs an RTSP stream would be enough. That's basically 90% of the market. The cheapest Dahua camera I have, has functions for motion detection and saving clips over FTP to a network location.
  13. Is this an NVR or DVR? NVR's use network IP cameras (Commonly will be POE powered). DVR's use analogue coax 'BNC' connectors. If it's an NVR, this will hopefully be only a setting to change.
  14. Absolutely, too many companies soliciting business and they do a terrible job at it.
  15. I know that's 5m away, but at a 2.8mm lens it is not suitable for LPR. You might be able to get some guidance on LPR on ipcamtalk forum.