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  1. Mark_M

    Looking for a camera with these features

    Good quality night vision is $200 and above from my experience. That's above what most consumers are willing to pay. Then factor the cost of an NVR and cabling. Around $1200 for 4 cameras and a low end NVR. I use Dahua Starlight. There's also Hikvision DarkFighter, Uniview LightHunter and Axis Lightfinder. Reolink/Swann/Concord/NightOwl/SecureView have a reputation for poor quality at night vision due to longer exposure time needed to compensate for a low quality camera sensor, and a longer exposure means objects moving turn to a blur.
  2. Mark_M

    new to IP systems

    So a mini POE switch? Like this mid-span one? https://www.amazon.com/Loryta-Extender-Repeater-Ethernet-Splitter/dp/B07RQ569MF There's also others labelled as 'POE extenders' with two (or even 4) ports. This is a Chinese one from AliExpress. Does the exact same as the Amazon linked one above. A POE powered and 2-port POE passthrough switch is plenty for most scenarios like this.
  3. Mark_M

    we need HELP

    Logo's are usually compiled into the full software. I do not know any company that would just give you the uncompiled software.
  4. Mark_M

    Non-cloud-based LAN-accessible cameras?

    AN NVR's main job is to pull video from an IP camera to save it. Usually there's extra management features too for the same brand. But IP cameras can work independently. Almost any brand of camera will be able to be used with another system. For a DIY scenario, a camera which outputs an RTSP stream would be enough. That's basically 90% of the market. The cheapest Dahua camera I have, has functions for motion detection and saving clips over FTP to a network location.
  5. Is this an NVR or DVR? NVR's use network IP cameras (Commonly will be POE powered). DVR's use analogue coax 'BNC' connectors. If it's an NVR, this will hopefully be only a setting to change.
  6. Absolutely, too many companies soliciting business and they do a terrible job at it.
  7. I know that's 5m away, but at a 2.8mm lens it is not suitable for LPR. You might be able to get some guidance on LPR on ipcamtalk forum.
  8. Mark_M

    brand suggestions for NVR

    False information. CCTV HDDs are designed for a purpose. They are designed to withstand constant writing data to each memory block. SSDs not designed for cctv will not last more than a few years with constant data being written. Claims of improving video quality is also false because the storage device is just to store data, it does not alter the video in anyway.
  9. Mark_M

    Make My own Power supply box for camera system

    The only decent part you can re-use is the metal housing for something.
  10. Every time I have encountered this it is because of a faulty power supply or grounding issue.
  11. Both people who previously commented on this post did so in 2008 and last logged into CCTVForums in 2009. This thread is a little irrelevant now.
  12. Mark_M

    Player for .srt files

    .srt is supposed to be a captions file. Just standard text. As tomcctv stated, often used in point of sale systems (overlay transaction data of the cash register on the video feed). Try opening with notepad in windows and see if it opens as a text or gibberish. If it opens as gibberish then the system has used .srt file extension with some other file format.
  13. Mark_M

    Security Camera Advice Please

    Yes, same company and usually same products under another brand (Lorex) without the 'premium' features of Dahua analytics. Dahua IMOU range is a separate production line (probably similar internal components). Agree to the point about full support.
  14. Mark_M

    Security Camera Advice Please

    Lorex, Amcrest and a few other rebrands of Dahua will be of standard Dahua quality for their low-end line. Dahua original cameras tend to have all their analytics/Artificial Intelligence functions. Those sort of functions is commonly IVS rules. IVS is the camera trying to work out the difference between a human/vehicle and then triggers an event when they cross an imaginary line. Far better than standard motion detection which triggers on a bug attracted to the camera. Example image is from Dahua with a tripwire IVS rule. Car crosses the line and it does something (notifications, records, sounds an alarm). Dahua does have system that use Coax, however it is best to use Ethernet cable (Cat5, Cat6). Can you use the coax cable to pull an ethernet cable through your roof space?
  15. That web GUI looks like XMeye cameras. System > 'Net service' has the menus for Cloud and DDNS. However.... cloud stuff on these is P2P with XMeye's servers. Anything of P2P is not that secure. DDNS is for port forwarding a device and having another DDNS service keep track of the IP address your router changes to. Otherwise you can pay your internet provider for a static IP address. But this is also not secure.