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  1. hang on, sneaky link to your website (based on the site domain and your Cctvforum username) and YOU SAY 480TVL IS STUNNING IN 2022????
  2. True to that. Plug a standard router into the camera and use a power bank, then connect your phone to the WiFi from the router. It will be as if the camera is connected 'normally' to a network.
  3. Theoretically an Ethernet to USB adaptor should work. Configuring the network adaptor on a computer and plugging an IP camera in works. I don't know what it would involve to host a network adaptor and change it's settings. I do guess that the phone will require 'USB on the go' support.
  4. Turn off the DVR (unplug from power) Open up the DVR. Find a small coin battery. Take out the battery for 30 seconds. Place the battery back in. Power up and see if system settings have disappeared. The battery is used for the clock time keeping but some use it to power the chips storing system data.
  5. HDMI over Ethernet with USB passthrough (mouse). or HDMI over IP with USB passthrough (mouse). HDMI over IP devices will allow for multiple receivers of the HDMI signal however I don't think they offer one with USB passthrough.
  6. I know both Hikvision and Dahua have all these AI capabilities in their high end models, People/vehicles in wrong areas is easy with standard line crossing or in area detection. The $150 - 300 price mark cameras. Standing too close to machines is a difficult one... the camera would use the same as above (line cross or in a box) but I would be weary of false alarms. I'd have to see a picture of the area first. Might be advisable for an IR beam detector and that connected to the camera. Wearing PPE is limited to the high end stuff that Dahua/Hik makes. I have seen a Dahua demonstration but not a Hikvision one. The companies are competitors to each other so I presume Hikvision has similar to Dahua. Given that Dahua has it, I presume non-Chinese companies like Axis and Avigilon will have similar (at least soon). There is a Ban in the United states on Dahua/Hikvision for government use and I think it expands to installation by installers. For now end users can use it.
  7. Mark_M

    How to reset password

    Unplug the power from the DVR. Open the DVR. Find the small button on the circuit board. Hold down the button. While holding down the button, power the DVR. Be careful not to touch anything else as this is now powered. After 20s the DVR should start a factory reset. This erases everything.
  8. Easiest way I would do is use a modulator with a "loop through". Another option someone suggested to me was using a 1 to 2 splitter in reverse, so it combined the modulator with the Antenna/amplifier/street input and outputted to the splitters doing each TV. That was suggested by a TV installer to me at the time I was looking, I have never tried it though. My own home uses an amplifier with an extra input labelled as "back feed".
  9. Mark_M

    Hello CCTV forum

    Hello all, I'm Mark. CCTV has been a great use to me, it's always interesting to see what just happened. I am an end user gathering equipment and playing around with it. So far I have Dahua, Axis, Bosch and a crappy Swann system I got given. By far, in my option Axis has the best over all image and user interface. However Dahua has great image for 1/3rd of the price. Here, ipcamtalk and a few other forums I am on.