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  1. My research last night led me to that conclusion, that you need a light on permanently at night. I was looking at the Reolink bullet camera which comes in at £72, doesn't look as good as dome but they seem to do the trick. Sounds like I need that permanent light given the lack of lighting I have here. The camera being visible isn't really an issue. It's going to be visible regardless and my neighbour already has those top Hikvisions fitted so prompt anyone to look at mine. They'll be fitted at a reasonable height anyway... The build is a pretty straight forward rectangular building with no trees. The only hiding place currently will be the cars .. which is why l was thinking of one pointing back down the side of the house and one on the garage pointing out.
  2. I was aiming more for colour night vision - 4k seems to be the standard for that? Two things in my mind, future proofing and making sure I get the best possible night vision, as this is most likely the time when I need the detail. I can't see a TVT cam with colour night vision.. and the UK suppliers seem very thin on the ground. Do you know if they offer the colour NV? It'll only be 4 cameras. One on the front of the property covering the dark private road which has no Street lamps, down the side of the house covering the cars and garage, rear of the property and maybe another on the far end of the garage looking outward. The front door is covered with a ring pro 2, so not needed there...
  3. Thanks again Tom So what we're talking about is using the NVR and plugging all cameras into that. The line into the Lan therefore is purely for router connection for mobile app access? Hence why it doesn't use much bandwidth. Am I on the right track? So the cat6 for the monitor can carry the video and mouse function on one cable? That's a part Hikvision code from their latest cameras. HIKVISION 8MP COLORVU ACUSENSE 2.8MM LENS TURRET CAMERA WITH BUILT IN MIC DS-2CD2387G2-LU . I'm based in the UK and open to looking at anything really. Thanks, Tim
  4. Thanks for your reply Tom I didn't know if the heat in the airing cupboard would kill the NVR long term. I do still need to connect my alarm which is in the same location, so may need to still have a switch in place... Are you saying that if I do mount the NVR in the airing cupboard, then I can place a monitor remotely on the network? As well as accessing via the mobile.... And finally, which cameras would you recommend? I've been looking at the Hikvision 2387's, but they certainly ramp the cost up! I'm currently chasing 4k which I'm unsure I need, but with future proofing in mind... Note, the property doesn't have any Street lights, if this is a factor .. my neighbour is running Hikvision with lights permanently on, which I assume is a prerequisite for colour night vision. Guessing cat5 or 6 to each camera will suffice for the higher definition cams? Thanks, Tim
  5. Hi, thanks for allowing me to join your forum. I am looking at installing a Hikvision (or similar) Poe system to my new build. I have a full cat6 network with one of the Lan outlets in the airing cupboard to hook up the smart element of my alarm system, all working from an unmanaged switch at the router, supplying 10 outlets. My question is, can I fit an additional poe switch to expand the amount of ethernets off the one socket in the airing cupboard, also powering the cameras at the same time. If possible, can I then site the NVR elsewhere on the same Lan. Thanks in advance for any help. Tim