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  1. Savatreatabvr

    Problem Adding Camera After Power Surge!

    Now when it comes to the switch, should I unplug all 4 cameras, plug in the switch then plug in one camera at a time or should I plug in the switch with all 4 cameras plugged in?
  2. I installed a LOREX Nocturnal 4K 16-Channel 4TB Wired NVR System with Smart IP Dome Cameras at my apartment complex last year. It has 12 cameras wired directly to the NVR and 4 cameras wired to a switch and one uplink cable plugged into one of the 16 POE ports on the back of the NVR then one cable wired from the LAN port on the NVR to the router. Everything worked great until what I was told was a power surge, now only 3 out of the 4 cameras wired to the switch work. I tried manually adding the camera with the "Device Search" option on the NVR but a window pops up saying, "Please remove a device first, there is no free digital channel now!" so I'm confused. And why would the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway on the camera that does not work all be the same numbers, Do I need to change the subnet mask and default gateway? I'm obviously not an IT guy so any help is much appreciated.
  3. I've asked this question before but now I'm thoroughly confused! To get you caught up I've been installing a LOREX 16 ch system at my apartment complex and I need to run 8 cables underground but the pipe they need to be pulled through is not big enough for all 8 cables. So I went on Amazon and bought a 4 port Gigabit switch (link below) to reduce the number of cables to run through the pipe to 5 cables which would be 4 camera cables plus the one uplink data cable from the switch. But now I'm told I need a 4 port ethernet switch instead of the gigabit switch. What's the difference between the switches and do I need additional equipment? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08MWYZMLW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. I bought a Lorex N882A6B-2 16 channel Nocturnal NVR system for my apartment complex here in Phoenix and the person who was helping set up the system no longer works for us and he wont cough up the password. I need to finish setting up the system so how do I reset it? It will take 4 to 6 days for Lorex.com to send me the info but I need it ASAP so any help is obviously appreciated.
  5. I have a 16 ch LOREX Nocturnal NVR with a BV-Tech 4 port gigabit switch. My question is, if I have 12 of the supplied cameras hooked up to the NVR and 4 cameras hooked up to the switch the 4 unused ports on the NVR become useless correct? I can't simply hook up 4 more cameras to the NVR and expect it to work?
  6. Savatreatabvr

    Mixing Cat6 & Cat5e Cable. Yes or No?

    This 16ch system is going in my 40 unit apartment complex, I bought the most expensive system they had, the next level up was 32ch and I don't need that many and the system came with 16 individual rolls of cheap cat5e stranded cable, hard to pull, kinks easy so thats why I went with cat6 solid core.
  7. Savatreatabvr

    Mixing Cat6 & Cat5e Cable. Yes or No?

    Sometimes your advice comes off as criticism, I will take your advice on using a gel-filled water tight connector. I've seen jelly bean connectors many times but never used them, why are they so commonly used if they require a special crimp tool when a wet B (beanie) connector only requires a pair of pliers?
  8. Savatreatabvr

    Mixing Cat6 & Cat5e Cable. Yes or No?

    My plan was to crimp on a rj45 connector on both splice ends and use a rj45 in-line coupler but I've had problems with those couplers in the past so I'll probably just use some old reliable low voltage dry B (beanies) wire connectors. Those beanies have never failed me and I've been using them for 20 plus years. https://www.amazon.com/Displacement-Connnector-26-16-Awg-Pk100/dp/B000JP7FIQ/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3G2HPOBJ45OZ5&keywords=beanie+connectors&qid=1644956111&sprefix=beaine+conn%2Caps%2C133&sr=8-11
  9. I upgraded from the cat5e cable LOREX supplied when I bought their 16ch NVR system to a UV protected cat6 cable because the cable is being installed outdoors plus cat6 is simply a much better cable. My issue is, my last cable run is about 150' short (out of a 1000' roll) and it would be much easier to use one of the 16 cat5e cables LOREX supplied with the new system rather than buying more cat6 cable and waiting for it to be shipped. Would going from cat6 to cat5e harm the NVR or possibly hurt the performance of the camera? I'm sure this is a no-brainer for some of you, I'm just hesitant because I don't want to damage a $2800 NVR system.
  10. I just installed a LOREX 16 channel 4k POE Nocturnal NVR system with IP 8mp dome cameras. Most of the cameras are mounted around 18' - 20' high so adjusting the camera angles by myself on an extension ladder and viewing the monitor at the same time is impossible without some sort of handheld POE camera tester monitor. I've yet to find one online that supply's power for the camera without using wifi for data connection. Is there a handheld device that supply's power for the camera while using an ethernet cable for data connection/communication?
  11. Savatreatabvr

    LOREX POE Camera rj45 Pinout 4 Wires or 6 Wires?

    So the switch isn't actually connected to the NVR by ethernet cable? It's connected to the router by ethernet cable then connects to the NVR by WIFI?
  12. Savatreatabvr

    LOREX POE Camera rj45 Pinout 4 Wires or 6 Wires?

    You are right but LOREX doesn't sell a 4 port switch anymore plus don't switches require an external power supply?
  13. I have an older SWANN 8580 series HD 4k 8 channel POE camera system that uses 4 wires out of the 8 wires in an cat5e ethernet cable per camera. I have 4 cameras using two cables, one camera on one cable uses white/orange, orange, white/green & green, the other camera uses blue, white/blue, white/brown & brown on the same cable, the same configuration for all 4 cameras. Main reason for using this configuration is because 7 cat5e cables wouldn't fit in an underground pipe that the cables have to run through so I ended up using only 5 cat5e cables for 7 cameras, follow me so far? My predicament is, I think my new LOREX Nocturnal 4K 16-Channel POE Wired NVR cameras System uses 6 wires out of the 8 wires in a cat6 ethernet cable which means I can't run two cameras off of one cat6 ethernet cable which means I'm back at the original problem of having to many cables to stuff in the underground pipe. I know, kinda confusing. I've contacted LOREX customer and technical support but nobody knew anything. Is there a website that has pinout diagrams of LOREX POE camera rj45 connectors or is there a member out there willing to share this very valuable knowledge?
  14. I'm running various lengths (100' to 200') of cat6 unshielded UV cable to 12 POE cameras and I have to zip tie the cables to about 15' of ROMEX. The ROMEX is about 20' from the NVR so I'm concerned there will be signal interference from the ROMEX. Should I spend the extra money on shielded cable or can I splice in shielded cable or do I have nothing to worry about?
  15. Free delivery for Prime members. I will be running 5 cables next to some romex, actually zip tying them to about 10 feet of romex. Do you think I should spend the extra money on shielded cable?