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  1. Gordon_Shumway

    Camera recommendation: Indoor POE PTZ for outdoor use

    I have 15 cameras of various makes connected to Blueiris for personal use. The Panasonic was my first outdoor camera many years ago. The housing has RJ45 and the bullet style 12VDC power connector and the standard camera base screw in the center. I did install an Amcrest indoor camera into the housing and all went perfect until I realized that the Amcrest now uses USB-C power cables.
  2. I have an Pelco outdoor camera housing that is heated/vented that had a Panasonic BB-HCM381A indoor camera working fine in it for about 10 years before it quit. I'm looking to replace the Panasonic with a new INDOOR PTZ camera, preferably with POE. I don't need an all-in-one outdoor PTZ camera with a housing/package - already got that. In my home I have a few Amcrest PTZ cameras that work fine and would mount in the Pelco, but they are not POE and their power connector is now USB-C, so they won't work (easily). Any ideas? Thanks.