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    it could be timing out because the power being supplied is not sufficiant
  2. Hi CJW Did you resolve this? I recently created a pair of pcb boards based on an arduino that could take inputs and send them over coax then out put as pelco protocol would that be helpful? Paul
  3. you need a usb to rs485 dongle available from amazon and the software from the 360 website run the software then plug your 485 convertor in and the window explains itself
  4. Hi Everyone, We have a project where we are using a HIK system to control legacy cameras these cameras are using Pelco, or Synectics protocols. We cant just use off the shelf protocol convertors as the client requires tours to be stored and old cameras using these protocols do not store tours in the camera its self. We have managed to create a HIK to Pelco convertor that works well and can store the tours on its own eprom. However we cant find any information n the Synectics protocol. and when we try to read it the hex is constant and looks like noise. Does anyone have any information on the Synectics protocol? Alternatively if any one had an old Synectics Mini DC receiver board running Pelco could I buy that? then we could copy the protocol chips and replace them in the boards we have running the Synectic protocol. Thanks for any thoughts Paul