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  1. For Real they are exactly the same not even made in a diffrent Company. If you look on YouTube where they opened an alhua NVD 5416IP-4k there are even the same numbers as on my PCB.
  2. Tried all 3 ports and 2 Flash Drives. One with 16GB AMD a 8GB Version. The 2 usb3 on the back as the Front usw didn't even read the FlashDrive, normally it would Flash by any read or write Action. I also did some more research by my own. It is not from a Company called RF China. It is a rebranded Dahua NVR I also add some aditional picture
  3. Because they said me to do it that way. I didn't know that flashing is possible with an USB drive I will give that a try and write again
  4. Sorry for my Bad English. I got 2 different firmwares one for my cameras and also one for my NVR. Tried with my cameras first as they are pretty cheap. But while updating my NVR power went out. Now I can't do anything using SecureCRT. That's the problem. I got all files I need, all the hardware and so on. Just uboot drives me crazy because I can't enter anything it's like just Read mode
  5. I used SecureCRT but when I do it with my cameras there is no problem at all to Interrupt boot and give them the files via TFTP. But with the nvr there is nothing to press not even a message to Interrupt it.
  6. I got the files from my reseller. AlbiControl in vienna. I by there for years and they gave them to me via a usb device and also the right TTL adapter which was not needed because my old one just worked fine.
  7. Yes I got the right files for it. Also uboot is the same I testen it again with a working videra camera. The Problem is just that I cant enter anything in the NVR I see unoot but I am not able to enter anything. Seems like even that is broken. It shows just what you see in the pictures and after 2 minutes it reboots. I just don't know how to get out of this uboot situation. And if it is even possible?
  8. i Have Intrestingly enough i already flashed some Dahua Software Updates to my Cameras successfully. Also i have the right firmware for it on hand
  9. Here are some additional Pictures of my NVR. The problem is that i cant enter anything after the hisilicon# ....
  10. Also here is a very big list with firmware Files. It says Videra but on all Packaging it says Alhua http://videra.at/
  11. first of all Thanks for answering It wont boot anymore. Updated it from 3.62 to 4.0 and something went wrong. Not it just shows NVR on my Monitor over HDMI. ConfigTool doesnt show it anymore. And the serial output it not very helpfull for me at all. Pressing * changes nothig. I want to be able to reflash the software to it via TFTP but i cant get to this point. Lable on the side says Videra NVR 5416IP-16 4K2
  12. Hello @all i read here a lot and didnt found a soloution to my problem. I coundt get it to accapt any input at all. It is a NVR from Videra/Alhua/Dahua NVD5416 4k2 it wont send anything else over the serial connection. Would be great if anyone could help me. Thanks