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    Brand new system

    Lamman, don't pay attention to him, he is stupid. But what, not even a word of thank you to the only person who tried to help? Hey, CarlMarx! You will only know if you test this idea of yours. But in my practise I had a situation, when my mass market ecommerce website went crazy and started shipping the cameras that were not paid. I always react immediately like I go now and ask the guy to stop this chaos. So back then the thing was that a bug caused the software 'think' it got money already. Omfg.
  2. Ron Ronald


    Not sure. Each country must have its own laws. In the United States it can be not so simple too. If you put a camera and break the law at the same time, there will be a civil investigation addressed upon you, I suppose. So I read legal news https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/civil-investigative-demand-defense-5850961/ just in case to know how to defend myself. As you are aware, sometimes there does't even have to be deliberate action for you to get prosecuted.
  3. Ron Ronald

    Issues With XMEye Cloud App Connection

    Mac computers seem to be the most stable and safest, but if they decide to have issues, then you are in trouble. I don't know what to help you with as I am not using Apple products. But my father found this read https://setapp.com/how-to/use-airdrop-on-mac for you to go through. Your problem with Cloud can originate from anything, starting with airdrop failure and up to anything else.
  4. Ron Ronald

    email alerts fail.

    Really sorry to disturb you that late, but this is the only thing that search gave me. So Are we talking of Android or iOS-powered email? Can you help me? I am using and iPhone and it has a built-in Gmail, but it doesn't work neither in the app, nor in Chrome. What to do?
  5. Ron Ronald

    Anyone from Chicago or thereabouts ?

    Wow I wish I could have that drive too.
  6. Ron Ronald

    neighbor scratching my car

    I would rather talk to a lawyer first. What may look as sufficient evidents may not look such in court.
  7. Ron Ronald

    Neighbor filmed my private guest with his camera

    Difficult case. And I also insist on a good lawyer who can keep matters private. If a politician learns about her affair with you, he can as well ruin your own life. But the woman is a kind of sport, too. So when exactly did she tell you she was married to a public figure? What a trouble really. You should have used this help for dating. And in future please do not date married women any more. As you can see the game it absolutely not worth the candle.