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  1. Good day from the UK. I am slowly learning how these IP cameras work and I now know that ideally I should keep to one manufacturer, but I have what I have and would like to get it to work again. Can anyone advise please? I installed this due to vandalism issues, which have gone away since the camera appeared. Weird! My home is a mid terrace house. It is networked; I have Ethernet ports in most rooms, a cabinet with patch panel and a 24 port switch (non POE) and fibre to the property for internet. This makes up my LAN. I have 2 cameras mounted, one over the front garden (Reolink 410 5mp named Frontcam) to port 1 of my NVR and one at the rear overlooking my motorcycles connected to port 2. This one is a HiLook Dome camera "HiLook IPC-D150H-M 5MP" named Bikecam and works perfectly. The NVR is a HiLook "NVR-104MH-C/4P 4 channel 4K NVR with 4 port POE". The ethernet cables from the cameras go to the patch panel but do NOT connect to the LAN, they go directly from the panel to the rear of the NVR. The LAN and NVR connect via the LAN port on the NVR to the 24 port switch. From my PC I can use Chrome to see the NVR using an I.E emulator extension. In the NVR I can only see Bikecam. Frontcam shows as Offline(Network Abnormal). I unplug Frontcam from it's cable and instead connect it to a separate generic POE switch and connect that switch to my LAN via a wall port. I then reset Frontcam using the button. I know it's MAC address so I find it's given IP address from my routers list of connected devices. Using this IP address I can connect directly to Frontcam via my LAN. I give it a password and rename it again. Using Reolink's software on my PC I can access the camera settings and I can view the image. The camera is working perfectly, no hardware issues, although I think there's a firmware update. I'll worry about that later. I have tested the ethernet cable from the camera to the patch panel and it passes. Opening the camera settings via Reolink software I can see the following: Port Settings Media port: 9000 RTMP port: 1935 HTTP port: 80 HTTPS port: 443 RTSP port: 554 ONVIF port: 8000 Network settings Connection type: DHCP IP address: Subnet mask: Gateway: (My LAN router) DNS: Auto DNS Preferred DNS: Advanced Enable UID: on So, now I disconnect the camera from the LAN and reconnect it directly to port 1 on the HiLook 4 port NVR via the original ethernet cable. I open a new Chrome IE tab. Log in to the NVR. Select the menu: Configuration > System > Camera management. The NVR tells me the following: Channel D1 > IPCamera01 / / Channel 1 / Management 80 / Security risk / Status "Offline (Network abnormal)" / Protocol ONVIF Channel D2 > Bikecam / / Channel 1 / Management 8000 / Security N/A / Status "Online" / Protocol HIKVISION Dear readers, please tell me what I need to do to get the camera to be recognised by the NVR? I have tried changing the preferred DNS to hoping the camera will get DNS from there and lots of other changes I can't list but no luck so far. Thanks. I'm off to work so won't be back until later.