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  1. Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I have in my house (since about 2 years) the attached configuration (I hope thaìt it's understandable). Every camera is PTZ and I can control them away from home. It works pretty well but like everything it has some problems: 1. Every 8/9 months Telegram on the android tv box has to be reinstalled and reconfigured. I can't do it away from home. 2. I have to use more than one app for everything related to my surveillance system (Tinycam to record on the Tv Box, Tinycam to view and move the cameras via VPN, Telegram to view pictures/video) 3. I am worried about possible faults of the Tv box that , as we know, are not so high quality. In your opinion how can I change my system keeping the same features? It would be great if: 1. I could use one app for everything 2. With my phone I could view every camera live feed at the same time like in tinycam 3. If there is a problem in the system I could fix it remotely. Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.
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    Hi everyone, My name is Fabio and I am looking for some information about my security camera system. I'll see you soon.