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  1. I have about 8 dvr/nvr hikvision that I have gathered over time while I dumpster dive they all work but I need at least one to work fully functional because I really would like to use one with ptz control and other features I have tried the support and email from hikvision but I just don't think iam fully understanding what to do I don't have wifi or internet at this time is that a requirement to reset? Please help I've been trying over or close to a year to just at least get one of these going the proper way it would mean a lot to me thanks in advance as they say. Hikvision nvr ds-7716ni-4/16p serial 768951424 canices-3(a)nmb-3(a). (2)dvr ds-7208hghi-sh serial 673119377 01. Ver.code: xaontc (3)dvr ds-7208hghi-sh-2t serial 545023349 ver.code:vlbjrp