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    You mean the link of Longse . We already knew that. Do you think this link can help us how we can do it , cause this one i think can t help as at all : (( I can make it easier for you ……. I’ll send you a link in pm you then load it onto every recorder you sell )) . Do you think i can do it with that link ? can you help us doing that . Thanks a lot for your time
  2. antreas panayiotou


    I have nothing in my hands yet. It seems like its difficult my friend ? Thanks a lot for your time
  3. antreas panayiotou


    Thanks a lot my friend . You are great person 🙏🙏🙏 Thank s again
  4. antreas panayiotou


    Dear Tom, it seems like you know very well about this subject . We really want to thank you for your quick and professional advices . were we can find the firmware file for the model of recorder.
  5. antreas panayiotou


    we need help to change boot up logo on Longse xvr. How we can change password too. Help us and we ll help you too.
  6. antreas panayiotou

    we need HELP

    Hello there we would like to change boot up logo of xvr . We need help and we ll help too .