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  1. have a K8204-W NVR Sequence number 9013160200 Software version Video setting 1280 X 720 2 cameras Name IPCAM Video resolution 1280 X 720 2 cameras Name 5322-W Video resolution 2304 X 1296 NVR video manage page has error message Resolution to big for these 2 cameras. Open the NVR management in a web browser On the setting heading page encoder settings attempted to set cameras to 1280 X 720 When saving error message Permission denied displayed. How do I change the resolution setting for these 2 cameras?
  2. Thanks for that however that only upgrades equipment does not allow parameter change. I have now solved the problem. Right click on NVR screen select System setup - System Admin - User - Edit user - tick all - OK - OK Using browser enter the NVR IP and sign on using account (normally as set Admin blank password) Select Setting - Encoding Settings Select the channel (1 to 4) - Select the correct resolution setting (available 1280 X 720, 1980 X 1080, 2304 X 1296) - save the change. I now have all 4 cameras working correctly
  3. I have searched for firmware and tools to enable parameter setting to no avail.
  4. Yes cameras are wireless so the only way to access the parameters is via the NVR web page.