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  1. Kipper99


    PS; Tom, is there a model you might wish to recommend? There seem to be quite a few.....
  2. Kipper99


    Tom, that's absolutly brilliant. Not the dodgy garage story, that's dreadfull, but the BlackVue info. Thankyou so much. I can now go back to my disgruntled neighbours with this too. May be the key i need to dig myself out of my hole. Don't want to not get invited to the upcoming summer barbeque, wife & kids wouldn't forgive me. You may well have saved my bacon! All the best Paul
  3. Kipper99


    Thanks for your replies Tom, but after talking it through with my wife i have decided not to proceed. In a way i can understand peoples concerns with regard to their privacy, i wouldn't like it either. I just didn't think it through. Massive lesson for me. Thank God i didn't put the camera up without saying. This is a nice street & we have lovely neighbours. Walking our dog early on this morning i can not see a single camera pointing over the street into other peoples homes. Only if i turn into the High street & then there are the Town council cameras everywhere. Hope others who might read this thread can take something from my experience Good luck all & thanks again Tom Paul
  4. Kipper99


    Thanks, Tom, for your reply. There are parking restrictions at my side of the street. But opposite, in front of the row of terraces parking is allowed. Not a busy street, just a typical side street in any town. So, yesterday morning i thought i'd go knock on a few doors opposite, 7 in all. Everyone was against me installing a camara. Mostly on invasion of their privacy concerns. One quoting Data Protection. They were arguing that my camera would look directly into their lounges. 2 said they didn't want a camera seeing when they left their home, so the property was unnocupied. Right now, i wish to Hell i'd never thought of all this. I got the impression from a good few of the neighbours that they looked upon me as a 'peeping Tom'. So, my good intentions have backfired on me. Tom, you may well be correct & i am within my rights to point a camera down the street at my car. But neighbours may take a differant view. Regards Paul
  5. Kipper99


    Have just registered here as i need some good advice on legality before i install my camera system. I have no garage as i live in a terraced house. I can not park directly outside as there is a yellow line. But accross the road is fine. I want to put a camera from my house looking down my street so i can see & record any damage done to my vehicle. But i need to determine if this is actually legal. Some neighbours say that i can not do this as the camera has to be pointing down onto my own property. Am so confused. Can anyone help? Paul