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  1. RyanBurger

    Faceter camera app discussion/help

    I already understand you are just a hater of mobile surveillance buddy. Could you please be as specific as possible in your attacks?
  2. RyanBurger

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    I was testing different apps these days and wanna share that Faceter doesn't ask for address book permision. Just regular camera, microphone and file storage. I also tried Aldfredo and it works fine for me too. Now I am testing Faceter to watch over my car. This night app detected strange movement activity, it was a stranger, but nothing bad happened. Can someone advice me a good stand for the phone? I wannna put another phone in the kids room
  3. Hello everyone! I did my small research because I want to set up video surveillance through a smartphone. My purpose is to watch over my car. My choice fell on the Faceter app. I hasten to ask for your advice. The question is does faceter have night vision and how reliable is the system overall?
  4. Please help me to restore the passwordof the DVR
  5. RyanBurger


    Have a question here too. Is it lagal in Netherlands?
  6. RyanBurger