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    Faceter camera app discussion/help

    Hello guys! My name is Andrew, I am from Faceter camera app team. Faceter is a video surveillance cloud service which turns your phone into the surveillance camera. All you need is two smartphones, improvized stand and WiFi or mobile data to watch over any area you want. If you have any questions or anything related to Faceter I'll be glad to help.
  2. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Faceter camera app discussion/help

    As I answered to you on another forum: The things you said are the worst form of racism I've ever heard. Please, make me a favor, do not spam in this topic anymore
  3. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Faceter camera app discussion/help

    You are checking IP address of our website but it has nothing common with user data storage. Once again: we have no access to users' data as it's decentalized.Such an IP of our website has a simple explanation. Faceter is a South African startup but the development is primarly in Russia, that's why it has such an IP. This will change soon as we are planning to move our site to another country hosting soon.
  4. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    Video is stored on Amazon servers otherwise you won't be able to use your own archive. Free users have 24h hours free archive and premium one -- 7 days.
  5. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    Faceter cam is an entirely different application, my friend. It has nothing in common with the Fog version (which is about mining). Our servers, as well as all data, are decentralized. We also have no server in Russia as we rent Amazon ones. Plus to everything our main office in Johannesburg. I am sorry if I was rude. Have a great day and I am ready to answer all questions.
  6. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    No reason to be such a paranoic buddy. No one need your data. The app is free and easy to use for everyone. The true meaning of the app is easy surveillance for everyone. The company is registred in Johannesburg buddy and you should not confuse Faceter camera with FACE token. This is diffent thnings
  7. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    I just registered to say that I am a part of the Faceter app team and want to say that the application does not steal any personal data or your contact list. Access to the camera and microphone is required because the application work won't be possible without them. Storage access is required because your archive may be saved on your device. And what's more, the app never asks for permission to access your contact list. So guys, if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.
  8. Lazarovsky Andrew

    Bought new house, random cars honking in AM hours

    Use Faceter bro
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    More for the Installation Hall of Shame

    Thank you guys! Uselful information