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  1. Paulski

    HD-CVI bullet camera to SD?

    No the computer is only being used for the one task. that was my thought to buy a cheap 4-1 DVR, use the OSD to change the camera setting from HD-CVI to CVI using the DVR and then unplug the cameras from the DVR and back into the computer. will any 4-1 DVR work or do I need to look for something specific? thanks! paul
  2. Paulski

    HD-CVI bullet camera to SD?

    It is a capture card with a connector that allows for 4 BNC inputs. I am not sure on the make but the entire computer is a proprietary build so I don´t want to change it. The software doesn´t support HD video so I can´t go that route anyways. I have attached the spec sheet on the cameras I have (I had to reduce the quality of the file to allow it to be uploaded) Thanks CAM-IC9715-A-Z-IRE (small).pdf
  3. Hi, i am using 3 HD-CVI bullet cameras for a non security purpose. They are connected with RG59 coax cables to a computer with 3 separate feeds. The cameras support 4 different modes but I can’t figure out how to change the cameras modes. The signal going into the computer has to be SD and I need all three signals all the time. i purchased a UTC 820 camera controller but I can’t get it to change the camera output. i am wondering if I can access the camera OSD using a DVR, change the mode and then plug it into the computer? any other suggestions?