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  1. I have a Geovision GV 1248 which is a PC based system . I am not too sure what cameras I have but they were installed back in 2010. I hear you can get 4k Video over the coax cables, and for convenience, I would rather not rewire the system with CAT5 just yet. The Cable that I have is Siamese with 12V DC and RG59 with BNC type connectors. I have a few questions 1) Can someone recommend some cameras or point me in the right direction? I am looking for 4K or better. I have seen some https://connectec.uk/security/cctv/cctv-cameras/hilook-analogue-cctv-cameras/hilook-thc-t180-m-8mp-4k-tvi-mini-turret-2-8mm?gclid=CjwKCAjwrZOXBhACEiwA0EoRD9ITZj01vid7ExxYL8hk4cZD6o_cfMdGC-XWFoFFMdULyZV86sNtGxoCk3QQAvD_BwE Are they any good? 2) Will the Geovsion card work with these cameras, or are they defunct? 3) My PSU is 240V to 12V DC and has 24 power rail outputs, I assume that I can still use this for the 12v DC power? Many thanks
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    Analogue CCTV upgrade

    Based in North London. thanks
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    Analogue CCTV upgrade

    thanks for that. The PC consumes more power anyway, so it will be good to get rid of it. Will get the DVR first. Do you have any recommendations for 5 in 1 HD 4k DVR and the cameras? Also I have just noticed that we have a multitude of sky wires all over the place under the roof parapet. We no longer use sky, and sky will eventually abolish the dish as it uses broadband. As I can access these areas from the loft and drill a small hole for the power cable, could I use the sky wire for the signal. I understand sky use RG6 coax and most CCTV is RG59, so this would give more shielding. I would just need to use the correct adapters on both ends or crimps. Thanks
  4. My ageing CCTV which is Geovision 7 camera analogue system installed in 2010 needs an upgrade. The cable that I have in RG59 siamese with 12 volt. I have come to learn about DOCSIS and was wondering if the same could be applied for CCTV but locally? so it would use the RG59 to transmit digital signals and use the 12 V for the power. The wired setup was not easy and I would rather keep the same cables if at all possible. I want something that has UHD or 4k quality, can that be done. Also what is the best way to guard against spiders / insects? Many thanks
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    Analogue CCTV upgrade

    Yes I am using a PC with the Geovision card. do you have any recommendations for any cameras?