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  1. SheldonNatenburg

    QTH163 not formatting HDD

    Thank you, i dont know why i didnt try that first, it worked.
  2. SheldonNatenburg

    QTH163 not formatting HDD

    Hi, yes so what I did was yet a USB splitter, so that I could connect my external mouse to one USB port and the external hard drive to the 2nd. I have a rather old system, so 3 1080p cameras and 13 960h cameras. The bitrate for the mouse and the cameras should be fine to go through USB, at least according to some online calculators. I bought a seagate external hdd enclosure too, so it has a sata port inside for the HDD and a USB out.
  3. I have a QTH163 in 2016. It it playing video in real time fine, but when I try to install an external hard drive, it does not seem to be working when I try to format the drive. I was able to format it to a exFAT on my PC, but I installed it in my DVR and it does not record. I also tried to click format again on the DVR and it does not format. What should I do? The HDD is good, its a WD Purple that I bought a week ago, its empty.