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  1. DragonSlayr

    Camera reset after failure

    I might add. Taking all the units I switched out back to the shop, I am unable to reproduce the issue.
  2. I've installed a camera about 1 1/2 foot above a Flat screen TV. The camera may work fine for a month. Then it goes offline and the only fix is to pull the camera down and hit the reset button. I've changed camera's 3 times. (Including domes and turrets) We're not above any can lights or florescents I've ran new cat 6 attempting to fix. I changed the NVR This is a new install of Nelly's r-series Am going to try replacing the camera with a UNV in the morning, but would like any thoughts you guys might have... Could it be the TV? Hope not, as that's clearly the best place to have the camera in the room. Thanks in Advance!!