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  1. JRJakkals

    DVR\NVR Internet Data usage Questions

    South Africa \ Uncap Internet is expensive in this country
  2. JRJakkals

    DVR\NVR Internet Data usage Questions

    Broadband \ LTE at recorder
  3. JRJakkals

    DVR\NVR Internet Data usage Questions

    Email from Dahua support Thank you for contacting Dahua support. The recorder will only send the video stream if you are live viewing or playing back from the DMSS App, it does not send out any video stream when not using the App. So this means I can get a small LTE internet data package like 40-80GB per month.
  4. Hello Everybody Here is my scenario. I have a client with 2-4 CCTV cameras and a DVR\NVR controller. Client will use CCTV app to check for a few minutes what is going on in his shop. I have a few questions on internet usage. 1. Does the DVR\NVR controller send data\stream data continuously over the internet to the CCTV(HikVision\Dahua) cloud server? 2. Or will DVR\NVR controller only send data\stream data when you open the CCTV app? These questions will give me a answer on what Internet data package the client need to get Thanks\Kind Regards