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  1. thanks all,makes a bit more sense to me now.
  2. yeah,i found 2 non english links and i cant find any manufacturer details on the machine itself.its just that when i connect it to my sony timelapse vcr and i try recording all 4 of my cams around my property it seems too flick through each camera image really quickly,just wondering if its anything too do with the multiplexer.when the cams alone are connected to the multiplexer they go through sequence nicely connect the vcr and they start flashing through really quickly.???
  3. would anyone one have a manual or any info on a TS-MT216 duplex multiplexer as i cannot find out anything about it.thanks.
  4. sarone

    hello everyone!

    hi all,new to all this but hope to learn something new and also catch the thieving little ***** who keep nicking the fuel,stereos out of my car.apart from that ,i live in a lovely area.
  5. sarone

    Hello Everyone.

    im in the u.k.
  6. sarone

    Hello Everyone.

    looking forward to gaining knowledge and experience from this very informative forum.