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  1. That's interesting what you've said. The drive came from Cex and hadn't been wiped. I was nosey and looked at some of the footage. I did do a 'clean all' on the drive via diskpart. I mistakenly believed it was similar to dBan. But after 5 minutes online it turns out its nowhere near as good. So from what you've said it's highly likely the original owner which was a reasonable sized business. Had problems and just replaced all their drives. Which links in with them not wiping the drive. The 'clean all' didn't wipe the infection or if it did it re infected the drive after I wiped it via my computer. I've then just naturally assumed it was to do with what I'm going through. Normally drives I've had from Cex have been wiped. I'm assuming they got dumped with a load of 3tb drives and couldn't be bothered to take the time. Luckily I've had no problems on my computer. I'll buy a new drive and try that. Thank you for your help and time.
  2. I should have asked. If I need a new NVR is there one you recommend? Or a complete system might be better because there was a bad temper, alcohol and some cutting of cables involved 😁
  3. It's a WD Purple 3TB. It isn't new but I've tested it with Crystaldiskinfo and the Seagate HDD checker and it seems okay. Passed the SMART test etc okay. It does however have quite a few hours on it. I can't remember exactly. If as you said my NVR uses the hard drive to process the 4k viewing then that would make sense. It also explains why things got worse during the day. The more I used the hard drive the more it failed. A new hard drive and then seeing what happens seems like the best option. I was going to a new one as well but the second hand one was such a good deal. Not so much now!
  4. I can understand the hard drive causing those problems. If I'm watching the screen in the normal viewing mode/live and a car goes by it shows on one cameras view but not the other two. How does a hard drive cause that problem because I assume the hard drive is copied from that live view? It started off working normally. All 3 cameras showing what was happening as it happened. Then later on that day it started doing that. This is with the CCTV being extremely difficult to use in everyway. That is classic behaviour of the hackers in my online life. I understand you thinking I'm one of those crazy nuts who thinks we're all being watched. But I'm not being paranoid. It's being going on for around 12 years and there isn't even a 0.0000000000001% chance that if a hacker can effect the CCTV system in anyway that it isn't being done. Either via hacking, some sort of device which can be placed physically near my cameras etc because it is happening in my real life as well as my online life. Basically it started in real life with a small group of people. A hacker then joined in and it snowballed from there. From your point of view the hard drive is the most likely cause. Even if hacking the CCTV is possible. It is, I agree the most logical explanation to nearly all. But in my case it's not. It's only something you can understand if your the one it's being done too or the people doing it. It's at such a scale that if I tried to explain only 20% of what's going on you would think I'm crazy. In situations like this. Yes it could simply be the hard drive but because of the efforts they will go to, to achieve the smallest thing it's not my first thought as to the cause of the problems. I just don't know enough about CCTV to understand how they could be effecting it. If they are. Please accept my apology if I'm coming across the wrong way and you think your just wasting your time with a crazy, paranoid nut.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I understand that without it being on the internet it can't be hacked. But that wasn't my question. The questions are does the motherboard have a WiFi chip which isn't on the specs. Do the cameras have the same or do both have the capability to connect to the mobile network? I know this sounds like paranoid, secret squirrel stuff. But it's not. A number of TVs have microphones in them. It's nowhere in the specs but when you take it apart. There it is. It's the same as phones. Even non Chinese phones still contact WiFi or the mobile network when in airplane mode.
  6. Hi All, I know how this might come across. But please take what I say as truth. Unfortunately it's been my life for nigh on 12 years. I have major problems with hackers. It also manifested into the real world. I bought an Annke H800 system with 3 bullet cameras. The NVR is model N48PAW. The cameras are model I91BL. I'll admit I know very little about CCTV. I bought the system because it didn't have WiFi. The really basic system I had before was a basic analogue (?). Wired system. This system is digital with ethernet cables which I didn't realise at the time The hackers were able to hack it. Looped video feed, constant freezing play back, video playback 6 seconds slower than HDD time marker and on and on. This is probably a very naive question but how was it hacked if it didn't have WiFi and I didn't connect it to the internet by the ethernet cable? Thank you in advance for any replies.