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  1. germolsystem

    New Guy, refurbish Samsung Techwin SPD-3750

    Thank you for your reply. 👍 I was afraid that my guess would be confirmed. I only had to disassemble the camera to see that it is not as simple as it seems. I was hoping that the internet would provide guidance on the solution. I didn't know that the ptz control is so dependent on the ccd circuit. You know how robust and precise this structure is. That's why I'm sorry to sell.
  2. Hello everyone! I am new on this forum. I searched among the topics, but I couldn't find a suitable one. I am asking for help in refurbishing an old cctv ptz camera. I have some old working Samsung Techwin SPD-3750 domes. I would like to refurbish the analog ccd with an IP block camera replacement. Do you know of a compatible transparent hemispherical cover? Does anyone know which topic to post this problem in? THX!