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  1. Here is the name of the downloaded file D32XX_V210929V210721V211014V211109V211109V211109V211014V210929V210929 I can see within that number sequence the individual file you have just referred to. The V211109V211, I honestly have no idea how to extract that individual file and load it into the update box. If i try and load the entire update it just blank refuses and says system is already up to date upgrade not required.
  2. I put that firmware in the day i got the box and not because you told me to... I also yold you this very early on
  3. if you have an inbox i will send you a video of all this and you can send me an apology I will put the two boxes side by side and show you
  4. I have given you correct info. how many times do I have to state the same thing to you. MY dvr work in 4k display you say it doesn't. My mates box works my 3mp camera in heat mode perfectly fine, you insist it doesn't? I am not giving you any wrong info. the box is here in front of me doing exactly what I am saying it is doing. I do not know what else to say to you if you keep saying everything, I say is not possible??????? You would make a saint swear mate you tell me i put the wrong firmware in when it was an auto update done by the box its self, get real mate your pulling my pisser
  5. and even swann Have confirmed I have the correct firmware for my box but you seem to know better???? I told you it was an auto update? is there something wrong with you???
  6. my ebay link is the same SWDVK-446802SL2D check it out same as the big pockets kit. number SWDVK-446802SL2D... never the less my bloody box is exactly what i have been telling you it is. If you know the lads at big pockets ask them about the lad hows been speaking to them about my box that lost its codec. You are no help to anyone in life if all you think everyone is lying to you man. I will even send you a picture of the fucking box
  7. why are you fighting with me. I have no reason to lie to you? the ebay listing is my bloody box i got off bigpockets. the exact same F'in one You are seriously pissing me off by saying I am lying to you. look at the bloody screen shots from my system
  8. Swann Enforcer DVR 4680 4 Channel 2x1080SL 2x1080MSD 1080p HD Camera CCTV Kit 840236132201 | eBay thats my order on bigpockets. it is one of the links and it is the DVR4-4680NR
  9. Also just for the record I have no problem with bigpockets or Hassan. I have been on the phone to them and they have been great and said just send the box back. Thing is it's bugging me now and I would rather get to the bottom of it with swann over the inconstancy's in the products as well as find out why swanns auto update disabled my codec file
  10. my friend got his from screwfix but same model.
  11. This is my box. I promise everything I am saying to you is true of my system. You can see on the picture I can set my screen display to 4k. plz do not tell me I cannot. At the moment it is set to 2k because I'm using my old gaming monitor for my dvr output monitor. In the first picture you can clearly see that my box is the 4680nr I can also send picture of my mates dvr working my 3mp camera perfectly. I am not lying about any of this?
  12. His box Swann DVR 4 4680 1080p 4 Channel Full HD Digital Video Recorder PIR CC only �139.99 (bigpockets.co.uk) his came with four enforcer cameras My box Swann Enforcer DVR 4680 4 Channel 2x1080SL 2x1080MSD 1080p HD Camera C only �144.99 (bigpockets.co.uk) There is absolutely nothing in the product description regarding the two DVR'S differences. The differences we have found so far are,,,, 1.screen resolutions his is 1080 mine up to 4k (not the cameras just screen res) 2. codecs his h.264 and h.265 mine as we know just h.264 now. 3. My enforcers can use 30fps on my box but plug them in to his box and they only work at 15 fps, put his enforcers on my box and they work in 30fps (they are identical enforcer cameras we each have.) 4. His box works perfectly with my 3mp dome cameras but mine limits them to a stretched 1080p I'm sure there are many more odd differences to, but these are not mentioned in the product descriptions at all.
  13. Also worth noting, Our boxes also both show in the drop down menus for Camera type as supporting both TVI And AHD
  14. Hi yea I have already tired downloading firmware again (from swann) and using the usb method, but the box will allow the update as it says it is already up to date with the latest driver. Unfortunately swann have confirmed the only firmware my box will now take is the one that is already installed, and they will not provide me with a rollback as even if they had one the box would refuse to take it. My box is capable of h.265 because it was in and running before the update. Also maybe restoring the box to factory would be good but swann also say this is now impossible but I'm not sure I believe that? I know on some older cctv boxes you could remove the battery and short the pins like on a cmos chip in a pc bios but maybe thats old hat now. Also I have just looked on both the boxes. Both have heat detection capabilities. Mine actually came with two 1080p heat detecting domes in the kit