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  1. Vankata

    Need help with DVR & NVR conflict

    Hey bud. Thanks for the help The CAT5 cable was the problem I changed it and it fixed the problem 😅
  2. Vankata

    Need help with DVR & NVR conflict

    Just done that. No change at all. I have tried re-crimping the wires 2 times and still doesn't fix the problem. Tomorrow i will re-run the cables again. Any other ideas?
  3. Hey guys, i'm new on this forum & i need some help. So basically i had 1 Dahua DVR with 4 cameras. I decided to upgrade a little bit and since i was happy with Dahua i decided to get another Dahua system but this time i got an NVR + cams. Anyway, so far so good. I installed the cameras and they work great but there is a problem. I can't connect both of them to the Internet. What happens is: Once i connect the NVR to my Router (Tenda), nothing happens, no light on the port, nothing. When i remove the port for my old DVR the NVR starts working, same thing after that, when i plug in the DVR, the NVR stops working I have tried replacing the IP address on the NVR & DVR and nothing has changed. My setup is this: - Router Tenda AC1200, (Set to Dynamic on the "Internet" page like my ISP left it. (Forwarded all of the ports that i needed to forward) - Dahua NVR2104-P-4KS2 (Set to Static IP ending in .191 - Normal Dahua DVR (Sry can't find a name) Set to a Static IP ending in .190 I have tried to access the cameras from my phone via 4G and both of them work fine if one is disconnected... :) Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated. If you need any more info on my setup just let me know. And last, sry i am a basic guy, i know little to nothing about cameras, internet, IP's etc.. Thank you!